Monday, August 18, 2014

Update for month of August!

August Intentions
1."Sprummer cleaning"Finish my Spring cleaning in Summer.(revised bellow)
2.a.Organize my daily planner
   b.finish back to school shopping
3.Go to bed earlier and wake up at 6.
4.Plan Mom and Dad kid dates
5.plan date nights with hubby
6.Potty train my Preschooler
7.Toddler sleeping in his own bed!
8.Do a Diy project(cover seats in Living room or paint dresser)
9.Exercise 3 times a week.I think chasing kids around should count.

August is halfway over!I cannot believe how fast time is going.I think part of it is because we have been at our rental house for the past 2 weeks!!

My goal this week is to make sure I focus on any of my unfinished goals.To do that I am going to look at this list daily!My "sprummer"cleaning will be done before fall!It is just to big of a goal to get done in one month!So the remainder of my time will be working in the toy room,one shelf at a time.

How about you?Pick a goal that needs to be worked on this week.Next,break it up into baby steps.Good luck and use this time wisely.

Just a reminder:
Only 4 more months until Christmas!Don't panick,but start saving now,if you haven't already!

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