Sunday, September 21, 2014

How to shop thrift stores and be fashionable

Tonight I went out on a much needed girls night.The idea of this night was to shop at thrift stores and still be fashionable......

I went thinking that I wouldn't find anything but that was not the case!However I gravitated toward what I always buy.As a group we all tried a new look.I was supposed to find something more boxy instead of fitted.It really helped to have different opinions of what looks good.I was skeptical but I will try it!The most memorable thing I learned tonight:

#1-Don't be afraid to try something new!It is exciting when your friends are energetic about your choices of clothes;like a rally!

I learned a few other things too!

#2-Anything is more fun when you bring friends.In addition they can help you pick things that look good. :-)

#3-Shop before the actual season.Shop for winter clothes at the end of summer, and Spring clothes at the end of winter.

#4-I still don't like scarves.It may be because I don't know how to make it look good either.

#5-Know your wardrobe so you don't buy something you have nothing to go with.

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