Sunday, September 14, 2014

Intro to geography and 7 continents-Letter L and E(preschool and toddler lesson)

Devotional:We are still reading general conference talks

Letters:L and E

Story:Bernstein Bears beware of strangers.We talked about stranger danger and what to do if you get lost.Mama bear compares strangers to a bushel of apples.How can we tell a good apple from a bad apple?.........cut it open
We did some basic fraction by cutting the apple.We ate them after. Of course ;-)

We talked about the earth and how most of it is ocean. There is some land.Next we introduced the 7 continents with the continent song.

I showed where we are on a map. I had my boys look at a photograph. It is small right?We are bigger.The picture is a smaller version of us,just like a map is a smaller version of the earth.(Link and other ideas found here)Next,my Preschooler pick where he wanted to go first on.....

A GLOBE that we made!!!I am quite excited about it!I took a Styrofoam ball and spray painted blue.Then I made North America and South America with felt.Yes the stand is a banana holder.I got the idea to use felt from here.There is a lot of ways for my toddler to enjoy the colors and textures of this globe.

Next,week we are off to Mexico!Let's find it on my globe.:-)

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