Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Update for September

September is coming to an end.The colors of fall are creeping into our trees.I love this time of year!I have to get more creative as the weather gets more chilly.The colors and weather are not the only change for me!Depression kicks in too!
As I mentioned before it is the "ber" or brrrrrrrrrr months!I need to remember to count my blessing. I need to make memories with family. I need to try to remember not to become a hermit! So how did I do on my intentions so far?

  1. Exercise at least once a week
  2. Finish de-cluttering Toy room and organize
  3. Go through clothes and find out what we need for winter
  4. Do something toward Christmas planning,shopping or just thinking about it once per week.
  5. Temple 1/ month and dates with hubby
  6. Plan dates with kids
  7. Trim trees and bushes

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