Monday, October 6, 2014

October intentions-Fall in love with Fall and the new you!

The "ber" months are speeding right along!Fall is the time of harvest and plenty.Whether it is your crops or your own ambitions, projects and personal growth. It is time to focus on remembering and reflecting. We are home more and should look for ways to connect with family and ourselves. Celebrate,and by so doing, it is like you are preparing yourself and fertilizing for new growth.It is a great time to let go,make changes and slow down.

1.Look ahead the next 4-6 months.Fall is the beginning of unpredictable weather and busy schedules.
2.Check my Christmas budget and gift lists.Also,buy tape and paper.
3.Take family Christmas card photo.
4.Plan dates with husband and kids.
5.Plan 15 minutes in morning and evening to myself.
6.Exercise once per week.
7.Prune trees and bushes.
8.Finish covering my living room chairs.

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