Thursday, February 5, 2015

Ground hog day-Letter G and W (Preschool and Toddler lessons)

Devotional:Moroni 10:20-21
 20 Wherefore, there must be faith; and if there must be faith there must also be hope; and if there must be hope there must also be charity.
 21 And except ye have charity ye can in nowise be saved in the kingdom of God; neither can ye be saved in the kingdom of God if ye have not faith; neither can ye if ye have no hope.

Letters:G and W

Trace G and W and write it.The kids were curious what Ground hogs look like so we looked at pictures. We also watched
Peeps wide world about Ground hogs.

The weather is constantly changing. This week we are predicting the weather. There is a chart to draw a picture for each day. I ask the kids if they think it will be sunny, cloudy, rainy or snowy. Then we played with flashlights and my Toddler was so amazed by his shadow.
Story: Online story at is a story with music and humor to tell children what ground hogs day is about.

Last video I promise! We had to see what Punxsutawney Phil had to say!
6 more weeks of winter!!Aaaaaaaaah!
Songs: What is the weather
Tune: Here we are together
What is the weather?
The weather the weather?
What is the weather?
The weather today?
We are also working on Days of the week. So we sing days of the week song to the tune of Adams Family.
We will be talking about weather the rest of this week and next.Tomorrow we learn more about clouds. 

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