Monday, April 11, 2016

How you can break free and change today

When I write posts like and How choosing happiness works and How to embrace your current season of life it seems like things get a little tougher around here to really test my theories! I have lived the moments I write about and even though most of the time I end on a positive note, I have gone through a lot of pain and work to share these ideas with you. I share these things with you so you don't step on the same land mines I have or fall into the same traps. I write most of my posts on the not so good days, so if I can get out of a funky mood you can too! I hope that you can see how vulnerable I really am making myself to you all!

 There is hope if the cards you have been dealt in life are less than ideal. You can't always have the choice to trade in your whole hand and start again. Although starting over can happen as many times as you need it to. Start over by looking at what is working and what is not. Who says you have to figure everything out all at once? Maybe just trade a few cards and see what happens. We have that mentality that there is always something better and we should have it. It is okay to want good things in life but we must not compare what others may or may not have. The only thing you can keep coming back to is that which makes you happy. If something is not making you happy get rid of it or change how you see it!

What "cards" in life can you discard? What you have control over/ Your attitude. Who you call friends. What and how you want your day to go. My son's counselor always asks him how he wants his day to go or his week. If you plan for a good day your mind set is that is will be a good day, despite what happens. It is your actions to things that happen to you that are out of your control, that makes or brakes you. Discard the negative and trade them for the very best you can. My mother would always say to us, when we were kids, to make it a great day. I now say it to mine. This mind set is something that takes time to develop but keep trying to make it the best day you can despite what transpires on a given day. We all have bad days or weeks!

Some things that are making me unhappy are my health, some family relationships, my house and being home sick. I feel tied as far as what I can do about these things but all of them cause me emotional strain and drain. I can try to get my house clean and organized but easily get discouraged at how slow it is taking. This is also true with all things regarding my health. Yesterday I couldn't move until 11 a.m. Once I rested up and my stomach didn't hurt so bad I looked at my day and tried. I celebrated the little things I did. That is all. Do something! Anything! Even if it takes all your effort and strength. Whether your burden is emotional or physical.

When I was in high school I was hanging out with some friends at the pool. I didn't want to go swimming but I still wanted to have fun. I was dressed in a t-shirt and jeans. Well a few of the guys thought it would be funny to toss me in. Have you ever felt how heavy wet jeans are when you take them out of the washing machine? Imagine them clinging to your body and pulling you down. It pulled me down and I struggled to get out. What are your "wet jeans" that are holding you down? Once I changed I felt as light as a feather. Freeing your mind of heavy and limiting thoughts can be just as liberating! I couldn't change my jeans in the water but I could once I got out. First you have to get out! Get out of the house. Get out of your pajamas. Get out of a bad mood. Get out of the bad habits you have. Get out! Get out! Then, change into what you are comfortable with that is not soggy and drenched in self doubt or failure. Get out and change! Get out and break free. Do something that makes you smile. Remember that God is waiting to help you out of deep waters. You are not doing this alone! There is always someone waiting to come to your rescue and aid.

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