Monday, April 2, 2012

10 minute challenge

           This is a follow up to my last post. I talked about writing your negative thoughts down so that you can see what you are thinking,Think of it as a de-cluttering of your mind.You have to start getting rid of those thoughts kick them to the curb.I think the first thing to ask is if you are taking care of yourself. That would be a good goal to take care of first.Are you getting enough sleep?Are you eating right?What about your relationship with your spouse,friends or family?Do you exercise?Think of it this way if you don't clean your dishes or pick up things they start to pile up.Depending on how long it sits it smells or is really hard to scrub dishes.Dust collects and maybe you get fed up and the mess starts trickling into other rooms.I know because this happened to me.It starts sloe but with lack of energy and being tired all the time it is really hard some days or weeks.Once I realized these ailments weren't going away I had to accept it.I take each day as it comes.Mentioning the house being a mess is related to how you feel inside.Before you can make your plan like I mentioned in the first post really take a look at yourself.Be brutal.However once you get it all down focus on one thing.This time of year we focus so much on Spring cleaning that we don't consider Spring cleaning ourselves.
           What is your goal?Mine is to spend more time on the kids.My negative thought is that because I struggle everyday I need to sit on the couch and fold laundry and watch t.v.or read and just let the kids play. Well I did this for so many months.So I may not feel good right now but I can take a few minutes to play with my kids so I don't miss it.There is an example of turning a negative into a positive.To accomplish this goal I am going to be specific how I am going to do it.I will take 15 MINUTES a day and play with each of my kids.That's it! I will have my to do lists handy but if I don't get to it oh well. I played with my kids.Be in the moment,you are playing with your kids not thinking of what you have to next.So now you know mine you need to pick yours.Share it if you would like.
           Breathe relax and be calm!

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