Thursday, April 12, 2012

20 ideas for your plastic Easter eggs

    I love those plastic Easter Eggs but what do you do with them after Easter is over? I have been using them a lot to entertain my kids or use in my pre-schol lessons
  1. I use it for the letter of the week.When they find for example the letter G they have to say its name and sound.I hide several more empty ones.
  2. You can also do the alphabet and have them unscramble it and put it in Alphabetical Order.
  3. Use them for rewards.For example at the end of the week for egg-celent behavior I would let them pick an egg.You can put candy in it or little toys.
  4. Put glow in the dark bracelets in egg and ave them search for them in the dark.
  5. If routines are getting boring I might hide the eggs in their room and it will tell them what to do next like brush their teeth or pick up pajamas and put it in the hamper.
  6. Use it to count.
  7. Ask you kids if they think the egg will float or sink what if you open it and put the halves in water?
  8. Make goup and put it in the eggs.
  9. Race with egg on a spoon.If you have a group you can make it a relay.Have them go around chairs etc
  10. Scoot egg halves on a hard floor see who can scoot it the farthest.
  11. Play hot potato.Play music and have the kids pass the egg around.When the music stops so does the egg and whoever has it is out.
  12. Open all the eggs and have the kids put the eggs back together and have a race.
  13. My daughter like making maracas.You could put other objects in their and have them listen for the different sounds.
  14. Roll eggs down a ramp.You can make the ramp from cereal boxes,books whatever you have in the house.You can also roll them down the driveway.Roll them though paint and roll on paper.Or use it as a stamp.Take egg halves in paint and stamp on paper.They can make designs
  15. Stack the egg halves on top of each other the person to put the egg piece that makes it fall is out.
  16. Use as a stencil for ovals.You can create almost anything.
  17. Have them group them by colors.
  18. Use eggs to make a pattern like blue blue pink blue blue...what comes next.
  19. Put spelling word broken into individual letters and have them unscramble to spell word.Good for 1rs grade and up.
  20. Great entertainment for babies let them chase it around the room and squeal with delight.
    If you have any ideas let me know I am sure that there is more.

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