Monday, April 23, 2012

5 ways to make your morning more peaceful and enjoyable

How did every ones week go? Did you make some goals? Did you follow through? What worked and what didn't work? If you feel like you are ready to move on and make a new goal for your happiness then go over your list of negative thoughts first. Maybe add to it or do the next one. If you are not ready to move on then take your goal from last week and adjust it and try again. I mentioned earlier that the examining part of your blueprint takes the most time. Be patient with this. As you find balance and peace internally the atmosphere in your home and relationships inside the home and outside will begin to change.

I want to mention too that if you are holding on to ill feeling towards a person or an event in your past or even towards yourself cast that stone from your view it is stopping your progression. We want our happiness to last so it always starts with pointing the finger at ourselves and being ready to make the changes to get us there.I don't mean to say that you should bame yourself or talk bad about yourself. I just want you to refine yourself first before you try to change other aspects. It is all about our attitude and whether we want something bad enough. I want to not struggle everyday with my health and energy but I went out to find what works for me to get through my day and though I am no where near completing my blueprint. It is coming together. The secret to success is time and to seize every moment.Do what you want to do make it work.Decide what is most important to you and pause everything else. I want to help you all to live in the moment good or bad.

I did an experiment this week and wanted to share what I learned. It took me a while but I found that if I did certain things in the morning it centered me in a way and helped me find peace even when it was a bad day. I hope as you read the following that you might find some things that work for you and how truly simple it is to find pockets of time for yourself. 1. I love to wake up slowly.I find that if I lay in my bed and take deep breathes that I am calm. If you wake up in a panic because you are late imagine your mind being jumbled and confused the rest of the day. You are tense and stress had already started to creep in. Do your best to allow time to get up early. 2.After I lay there and think of what a great day I am going to have I stretch my neck legs and whole body. Think about it if you have been laying down all night your body is tight and will protest performing its duties. Take a few minutes to stretch. 3.I then pray and meditate where I focus on just my breath and let go of all stress. Now I can tackle my morning.4. Hopefully I have prepared lunches and know my to do list from studying it the night before. There is no next thing on my list just whatever I am doing at that time.Which is usually trying to get my kids out the door. They too are organized laying their shoes out and clothes, backpacks.It really does work so don't skip this step. Hopefully you have extra time for what I call cuddle mania. 5.Shower your kids with attention. Be part of their morning.Talk to them about their day and all the fun things they will do. Write cute notes in their lunches or email and text your honey. Always allow extra time for emergencies or just to be calm and relaxed. Avoid the tendency to rush and do a million things at once.

So that is my mornings usually except last week was a very tough one because of allergies and not enough sleep that i didn't do any of the following and guess what? I hit snooze, I was tight and stressed. I get irritated with my house and kids. To sum it up it was hard to center myself and find my happy place. Anytime you are stressed taking time to breathe and calm down and re-evaluate is key.What is our hurry these days really? How much of it is important? Truly ask yourself these things and make a morning routine if you do not have one. Try mine or take bits and pieces. It will help you stay sane as a busy mom and put into perspective what is truly important.

I started my morning this way today and that is my goal for the week. To slow down my mornings and be more prepared. I hope you all make it a great day and let me know what you think or what I should add.

Breathe, relax and be calm.

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  1. It seems counterintuitive, but getting up early really does give you more energy. Am I always very good at doing it? Nope! :)