Thursday, April 5, 2012

April Monthly list

              It took me a long time to put together but I have a notebook of monthly,weekly and daily tasks and chores. It is just an outline. There are days that I don't get it done but my mom told me about a system that works really well to keep track of all of it.I will tell you in a later post.1.Write a list of every chore you do,daily,once a month,year etc you can be as detailed as you want.
             First of all I love to know the deals. The seasonal sales for summer should be starting this month.So keep an eye out for those.It's also not too late to take advantage of the spring closeout sales. Also if you want Easter things wait a couple day after Easter and you will get the best deals.Follow the 3-3-2 rule.This rule stated that 3 days after a holiday,items will be 30-50% off,the next 3 days will be 70-75%, and the last 2 days will be 90%
              Plan your vacations if you haven't already.
              Register summer activities.
              Check smoke detectors.You should be doing that at least every six months.
               72 hour kits-check the food eat it and then replace them.If you haven't done one yet you should.Here is the list of items that you can use for each person:
  • flash light with spare batteries and candles and matches
  • portable radio with spare batteries-this might be the only way to get your information if telephones are down
  • first aid kit with the following:
  1. aspirin and pain relievers
  2. laxatives
  3. rubbing alcohol
  4. diarrhea medicine
  5. soap
  6. gauze
  7. band aids
  8. bandages to wrap up injuries
  9. cotton balls and swabs
  10. safety pins
  11. scissors
  12. thermometer
  13. sanitary napkins and disposable diapers can be used for dressing,splint and padding
  14. tape for bandages
  15. needles and tweezers
  16. Popsicle sticks for splints
  17. baking soda
  18. individual medical needs
  19. extra clothes
  20. diapers and tampons/pads
  21.  disinfectant
  22. food like granola bars,peanut butter, tuna and can opener,plastic silverware
  23. things to occupy the kids like crayons paper,books,games and crafts
  24. money in coins
  25. personal supplies like tooth brush/tooth paste and deoderant
These are just a few to get started.Do one of these each shopping trip or allocate funds from every pay check.This is something I really want to do this year. Most times I can only do $20 each paycheck but sometimes I can do more.             
  • make copies of all legal documents-its a great time to do it during tax time because you are already going through your papers.
                Fertilize your lawn if you haven't done it already.
                I like to pick a room each month to deep clean.This month I am going to deep clean my living room:remove cobwebs,dust ceiling fan,vacuum baseboards,wash windows,wash the walls,wipe light fixtures,clean the walls where its black from the swamp cooler.Yuck another year of dealing with minimal air conditioning.


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