Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day 2 of weather and letter E lessons

April 4th-We did a lot yesterday so you might want to break that kesson up.We talk ed about wind and how it effects the weather.We added to our weather book. Show how wind can move different objects. Wind maze science on
What you will need:blocks or boxes or anything to make a sturdy wall  to make the maze.then it is up to ou how you want to build it. Next get a light ball or something the kids can blow through the maze.We used a marble.
Kick it down and they biuld again!My toddler has fun with that one.This is for any age.I also asked the baby to tell me the colors of the blocks.

 Blow paint on paper with a straw. I found out that water paint doesn't work too well. Throw a scarf up in the air and have the kids try to catch it.
 Make a weather sock and of course it has to have streamers! 

 What you need: construction paper,scissors,tape,streamers,string.1.Cut construction paper into strip as wide as you want.Then tape it together,so both ends are joined together.

2.Take your streamers and tape as many as you would like to the very bottom so they will hang down.3.Cut string and attach to both sides of the construction paper at the top.


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