Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter

It has been a good Easter.We celebrated my daughters b-day with more family.We did an Easter theme.I always go to parties where they wow me with their decorations and theme. I wanted to really impress this time. So here are decorating ideas for any party.I saw it on Studio 5.


In the muffin tins believe it or not that is water and lemons that I froze in the freezer.You can see the lemon better in the one on the right.

Next step is to put it in your pitcher and you have a colorful display in your drink.It would be great Spring and Summer.


The next thing I did was scoop out ice cream in cupcake liners.Then I put it back in the freezer and get it out to serve. It really takes time to scoop ice cream.Less mess too!

These cups got a little more spruced up with cupcake liner flowers.Poke a hole in them and put the straw through.


We dyed eggs outside.It was a good thing too because there were plenty of spills and many Humpty Dumpty moments where we lost some eggs.

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