Friday, April 6, 2012

Last day of Letter E

   Story time!Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.........its time for finger puppets so why you read the story to your kids them can act it out.Just go to print out these cute finger puppets.My oldest son is too cool to participate.My daughter didn't want to color. It is just one of those days.

Eyes:They are a very important sense that we have.I chose 5 items and had them memorize them.Then I had them close their eyes and I took something away.They then had to guess what was missing.We did this a few times.Then I had them close their eyes and keep them closed.It was a lot harder to for them to even find it so I had to guide their hands to find them items.The children picked each one up to determine what they are.Next I had the kids walk to each room with eyes closed.My oldest said he could find his way by touching the walls and feeling with his feet.We then walked outside and I asked them what they noticed.They said they felt a breeze.They heard wind chimes and cars driving by.They were bare foot so I asked them if they felt anything on their feet and they could tell when they moved from the side walk to the grass.

Today is a good day to mention that things don't always go as planned so I didn't make it through the lesson.We had to talk about why we don't hit and scratch each other instead..We talked about all the good things hands can do like pick up toys, grab things,eat and drink,pour milk,hold hands,hugs.Then I asked them to say what bad things hands can do and of course they knew it already.It was no problem to say hit,punch,slap each other in face or bottom.I have tried the positive response to good behavior but it is easy to get lost in the stress and having to be mindful.


What we have above is our new behavior color system. I got the idea from To make this all you need is an envelope with each kids name on it and construction paper.The colors you will need are as follows.Green means its been a great day.Yellow means warning be careful.Orange means a loss of privilege which you let them know in the warning stage.Red means time out in room and a call to dad.Or it could mean missing out on the family activity.

Next week we will finish the Letter E.We will start the Letter G and Introduce the butterfly theme.We have already done lady bugs I hadn't started the blog yet.I will try to include that if I can. 

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