Sunday, April 29, 2012

Review Letter E and squash bugs!

I can't believe that April is almost over. It has been fun starting this blog. I am still playing with ideas so feedback would be much appreciated!

I am not going to mention circle time unless there is something new to report. It is pretty repetitive but we mostly talk about our day,songs, finger plays and the weather. We will often do a story too.

Writing/language: Sow we reviewed letter E as in egg and elephant.

We are crazy about bugs at least the ones that don't bite or sting! I saw this on activity is called In the tall tall grass.

Need: paper or I used scrap book paper.2.scissors.
First fold the bottom of the paper up to not quite halfway. This will be your flap and the place to hide your bugs. Cut the top of the flap to look like blades of grass.

 Next I made my bugs from clip art.I decided to use it as a review for sounds that we have been working on.1.A for ant.B for butterfly.C for caterpillar.D for dragonfly.F for fly and G for grasshopper. I then did  different numbers for each bug for ex.2 butterflies.Cut them out and hide them in the grass.


The last step is to write out a sheet that says I  can see___butterflies. Continue for each one.  I see 2 butterflies.Sorry I need to get a better camera.

Our next activity was a ton of fun!I call it Bug Stomping. I took those same bugs and put them on the floor. Then I cut small pieces of paper to draw randomly.The sounds were A-D and F,and G. When I called out a sound. The kids picked out the bug that started with that sound and squashed it with their own shoes.

Here we go ready?!.................b buh.......


Toddler time: Letter recognition with ABC song and hearing sounds.Counting and gross motor skills and coordination for squishing bugs! Gross motor skills uses the big muscles like running,jumping,climbing and balance. Fine motor skills and hand eye coordination for picking bugs up. Fine Motor skills are using the smaller muscles like hands cutting paper, and picking things up.Color green.

Preschool Party:Writing and Language.Letter E sound recognition and application.Listening and following directions.Using both motor skills.Counting and grouping.I am also trying to increase my daughters attention span for Kindergarten.

Thanks for playing with us! Next week we will be doing the letter K,l and X.Themes will be about me and my family kindness,filling our buckets and bees.

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