Friday, April 6, 2012

what was your goal?

This week has been a little easier to spend time with the kids because they have been home for Spring break all week.However I have really made sure that I spent one on one time specifically.I am exhausted now but I really was so happy being with my kids and having them hug me and cuddle with me and just getting down and playing with me.When we make a goal we have an aim for our blue print.What do we really want to get out of this?I wanted to feel more free to play with my kids so that meant letting my to go list slide. I had a few minutes to do things here and there.Especially if the kids were off playing.It didn't take long for a conflict to arise however and I had to step in before someone got hurt.Now mind you when  are talking about blueprints we are talking about people and not a house plan but the same ideas apply. We have to know what we want and find a way to obtain it.Make your drawing of the perfect you or the perfect family internal.As we do more internal the external will change also. We are exploring our options so to speak.We have lots of ideas no doubt now is the time to try them.

As we succeed in our endeavors we should notice things becoming easier and more of a habit.At the end of the week we evaluate and see what went well and where we might have made mistakes.Then we can adjust and start again.Some of you may make goals all the time and others may have but didn't like it.Find what works for you.I am here to tell my story.A few Months ago I could barely get out of bed and now I am up and being happy and being a mom again.I would wake up in the morning and and tell myself it was going to be a good day.I never rushed to get out of bed.I took my time,stretched or just sat there and breathed in and out.Don't discount making goals.It really does work.It gives you focus and a purpose.Instead of thinking you have all these roles you have to fulfill you have one and that is wherever it falls.This week I was mom the best I could be.Next week it might be home manager.I will still incorporate this weeks goal in too if I feel like I am ready. I can always take a step back and that it ok.Tomorrow I might just take one step forward.Be in the moment! Even if it is housework there is no next step until you take the first step .Soon we won't even have to think about it anymore.In a Month we will look back at all we have accomplished and we will feel so good.Remember to reward yourself for a job well done.Till next goal.
Breathe,relax and be calm

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