Thursday, April 19, 2012

A-Z learn with me! Letter I lesson and Butterfly theme

Circle time-1.look at weather  and record in weather log, 2.Review letter sounds A-I. Introduce the letter I and its sound. Here is our letter I box all I could find was ice cream.Reading-Becoming butterflies by Anne Rockwell. The book is about a class that watches a caterpillar changes into a butterfly.

Dance on the caterpillar. For this activity you need construction paper,scissors and a pen. Cut out 27 circles. Write alphabet letter on  each circle. Mix them up and have them arrange them in alphabetical order. Toddler time- have them tell you he colors of circles. Sing ABC and Itsy Bitsy spider.That is a picture of my little guy singing Itsy Bitsy Spider.


The skills they will be learning is recognizing shapes and colors. It is important to expose them to music and lots of dancing. After they have done that leave only a few circles and play music.Have them dance on circles and when the music stops.Freeze!

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