Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Letter of the week K

There are different kinds of things.Flowers, colors, trees,cars,letters, and the list can go on. First we looked at our families and how we all have them and that we are all different. We are our own special us. We read Ava, the one and only.ByKaren Hill. Ava got made fun of because of her freckles.She asked her dad what to do, and he said Ava should be a friend to the girl teasing her. It is a really sweet story and teaches the kids to be kind and to accept themselves for who they are.This is our introduction to being kind.

Some more Sign Languge fun

Grandma is like mom but you pull your hand away from chin

Grandpa is the same as dad but you pull your hand away from chin

We finished our family tree. We added mother and father,grandpa and grandma.

Next we practiced writing letters and just being silly with Kool-aid.They had so much fun. Eventually they figured out that they could eat eat.I hadn't thought about the color so I chose red it was all over them so I think I will choose a clear color next time.


Kites are fun to do.We have tried flying several kites but we haven't been able to get it in the air. I cute triangles from construction paper to make 2 triangles to go together to form a kite.  What shape is that? A diamond.How many triangles? 2.Then after she matched the kites up to their correct colors I let her make things with it.

We may not have flown a kite in the sky but this lunch sure flew into the kids mouth.     

For study time we used Lexi's book again.I was to read 3 words for ex.bed,Fred,sled.She would point to the crayon red.Continue for each color.


She was having trouble with it so I found a print out.Then I cut them up into cards for her to match the rhymes and be more familiar with it.

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