Saturday, May 5, 2012

May Monthly list


Activities or Holidays:
1rt.Mother Goose Day-what a great day to do Nursery rhymes
2nd.Brother and sister day-I just have the kids make something or be extra nice to each other that day
4th.Star wars day-an excuse to have a Stars Wars marathon
5th.Cinco de Mayo-male Mexican flowers with tissue paper.We like to pig out on dip and just have a good time
13th.Mothers Day don't forget you don't have much time left!
16th-wear purple day
20th-weight and measure day-you can have the kids measure stuff,trace their whole body,foot,hand
22nd-Wright brothers patented the airplane-make paper airplanes and fly them outside
28th-Memorial Day-Great day to do activities with red,white and blue

Cleaning list:
I mentioned before that I had a really great system my Mom told me about.So here it is I don't know where she got it from but I love it!Write down your daily tasks first.My daily tasks would be Make beds,load or unload dishes,laundry-start,move or fold a load,clean counter after breakfast, bathroom counters, straighten entry.Sort mail and tackle paper pile(10 papers a day),sweep kitchen floor,at the end of the day a 10 min clean up.Then write weekly and Monthly.You can be as detailed as you want..Then when you have all 3 lists you assign a day for it.For example the kitchen floor needs to be mopped weekly so I would assign it to for example, Monday.Don't forget the weekly and monthly.For this system you will need index cards.Recipe box.Label each one with a number of the month1-31 or you can get dividers.You only need one index card for the daily tasks.Now on 7 index cards you write what you will do for that day.Monday-Sunday should have all your weekly on it.You could color code it to make it easier.Monday-Mop Kitchen,dry mop Living room,vacuum,clean one shelf of fridge.Do this for each day.Some of my monthly are done every month others are every 6 months or year.You can do this if you want but the first 3 are the most important.

For May monthly list I only write down what can be done for that month and I have all month to do it- wipe all door frames upstairs,work in yard and plant garden after Mothers day,deep clean bathrooms,deep clean my bedroom downstairs by washing comforters,clean under bed and vacuum box spring,have pest control inspect property,get ready for Mothers Day,I would write down any birthday I have.

Are you still with me? Let me know if I have confused you? The last step is to put the cards where they go.Today is Saturday May 5th so today I would put my Saturday card in the 5th divider spot.Saturday-clean out fridge one shelf,vacuum downstairs,clean bathrooms,change sheets,clean filter in vacuum,wash mop and  any other white clothes.If I don't get all of it done I can move that card to the next day and finish.Then when it is all done you put it to the following Saturday.I will post what I do every week and you can follow along.Each day you should have something for each date.It is really easy but it takes some time to set up but you won't miss anything this way. 

This week:
  1. Monday-mop kitchen, dry mop wood floor in Living room,entry way,vacuum,clean one shelf of fridge.
  2. Tuesday-clean microwave,wipe smudges off wall in kitchen,clean one shelf of fridge.1rs Tuesday of each month dust kids bathroom
  3. Wednesday-take out trash,clean out any leftovers in fridge,take inventory of what you need in fridge.Thursday is leftover night or using what we have in fridge so I use this day to plan. Wash kids clothes,entry way a good mop and vacuum.1rst Wednesday of the month I dust Kitchen.
  4. Thursday-file papers,shred papers,wash towels and jeans,entry way
  5. Friday-clean out car and purse,clean one shelf in fridge,vacuum kids rooms.wash white clothes,
  6. Saturday-clean out fridge one shelf,vacuum down stairs,change sheets,clean vacuum filters,wash mop,bathrooms.1rst Saturday of each month is car maintenance,clean car check fluids and tires

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