Monday, June 4, 2012

Letter of the week A

Anticapating Summer
I gave the kids new journals. They absolutely loved them!
Craft: red construction paper cut into three circles, Black construction paper cut into little antennas,Scissors, and glue.

We glues our ants together.I had them fill in the blank of the following 3 sentences. This summer I will_____.I am I am most excited  about_____.I can't wait to______.My 1rst grader going into second wrote three sentences. My pre-k drew pictures. My little toddler just glued it on a piece of paper. I got this idea  @

Snacks:A is for Apple and ants on a log

We had our quiet time after lunch where they read for 20 minutes while the littlest one slept.

We practiced our morning routine.How we practiced was we just did it over and over.They would lay in their beds and get up, get dressed, eat breakfast, clear their bowls, brush their teeth and make their beds. Yes this Mommy has reached the end of her rope and that is when I do this little repetitive game because I hate having to nag them all day long! Who is with me?

Before I go, here are a few pictures from our little celebration of the kids finishing school.We ate at the spaghetti factory.

Ro liked to see himself chew his food in the mirror.

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