Monday, June 11, 2012

Welcome to my busy weekend and kids room!


Going with the theme of the Zoo.It is a Jungle in here!

I have just needed the extra kick to organize this one room that just had so much chaos in it! But we really worked hard and got it all set up and I am so excited!!!

I tried all weekend to get to my compute but it just didn't happen. He did say this kid's room was the best idea I ever had besides marrying him.:)

We went shopping to fill our new room and the kids fell in love with these little ottomans that have storage in them too! Score! They pushed them all the way through Ross like a little train.

We have a reading area.


                                                                          We got this cool glow in the dark solar system to display.

 I love my pocket chart.I am already using it!  There are just a few of the adventures that you will find in our new room! What is a fun project or room idea you have had?

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