Monday, November 19, 2012

How to find balance during the Holidays

The holidays can be stressful and busy.But what if I told you that it will be busy but not stressful? If you haven't done already you need to make a holiday emergency plan.Write everything down,every event,party,people you need to give gifts to and what you want to get them.Check your lights and stock up on all the essentials now!Of course don"t forget a budget and to breathe.I have been away for a while and my happiness has been put on the back burner for quite some time now.First with a rough first trimester,then with us moving to a new house and trying to get our house sold.It has been a whirlwind.But I can't think of a better time to re-evaluate where we are in our blueprint.We can start over or simply adjust what we already have.If we can"t find the peace and balance we are looking for at any time in our life,then the holidays are going to swallow us whole and make us more frazzled then we already are.

So first take some time and make your plan for the holidays the more detailed the better.Especially if you are throwing a party.You want to give yourself plenty of time to prepare.I have started re-connecting with myself.I try to find quiet moments where I can think,meditate and just breathe.I feel with the move that I have a new start to make my house calm and clutter free.So after you have written your list I want you to do something kind to yourself.This time of year is a wonderful time to get caught up in the spirit of giving,service and gratitude.These don't come in fancy boxes or the perfect present.These come from the quiet whispering of our heart.Some of you may raise a few eyebrows but take this time to give back,to make those changes and to slow down!

If you are just joining me and haven't started on your own blueprint.The first step to writing our blueprints is getting all our negative thoughts on paper.Then writing positives for those negatives.Then we use that list to make our goals.Each week is a new goal.Break larger goals into smaller ones.Another important part of my program is to be kind and reward yourself.Take all the little moments of the day and be in the moment.Most important is to take deep breaths and do it on purpose.Schedule times to have these breaks and breathe until it becomes a habit and you find what works for you.It is meant to recharge you and help you find what is or is not working.You can do these steps over and over in any aspect of your life to achieve the balance you are looking for.I hope we all have a more meaningful and peaceful holiday.

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