Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Letter G-Good night Gorilla

I am running a little behind on my posts so this is last weeks lesson.How many of you have read Good Night Gorilla by Peggy Rathmann to your kids?
It is such a great book for any age.Even a two year old can read along with the words and tell all the animals good night.

We read it many times last week.We counted the animals on each page.We found the mouse and talked about what her was doing. We even talked about the different colors of the cages.I made keys for them to match with each color.

Next we printed out @

The kids colored the pictures of the animals. The printout had each of the animals.It had a Gorilla,the Monkey with the banana,Giraffe,Lion,Armadillo,Hyena, and Elephant.Well Lex did I had a very non cooperative toddler to deal with that day.He just wanted to throw the crayons. They then could use the book to match up the pictures and put them in the right sequence.

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