Thursday, February 28, 2013

Take back your Turf Thursday- 5 ways to have a smoother bedtime

Let the battle begin!I don't know if it is the weather, the new baby or several things combined, but come an hour before bedtime my kids have been jumping off the walls.It usually ends in tears where someone gets hurt.I even eliminated TV and video games several hours before bed.We tried charts but they only work for a short while. I also used to do bath time before bed but they would splash and pretend to underwater sea dive so that my bathroom was a mess and they were wound up.No relaxing here!
What is a Mom to do?I can't lift or drag them to bed.
I don't want to be up till midnight,one or two!
Here are 5 weapons I use to train my troops. I am still in the process of perfecting them!
 What can I do with things1,2,3,and 4?

1-Make sure the kids get enough exercise during the day and no rough housing at night.
2-Stagger bedtime just 5 min or so
3-Quiet time an hour before bed.Let them choose activities.In our family they can color,do puzzles,write in journal or read.We do a lot of reading.Sometimes I can even get them to do yoga.
4-Have the kids say good night to their stuffed animal or dolls.Rowen likes to put his cars or big yellow truck to bed.
5-Lights out mean bed! No drinks,extra this or that.We are still working on this one!!My daughter is a master mind out of not going to bed.
That is not all.Don't give up there is much much more........
How did you like my tribute to Dr Suess?.Did you catch it? We have been doing a lot of fun activities to celebrate his birthday Saturday.Check out tomorrows post.

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