Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ocean and letter O

We are on our way to the North Pole!What did we pack?Warm clothes and a jacket.We packed a tent and sleeping bags.Also in our back pack we have water and snacks.First we are stopping to discover the Ocean and its sea creatures.Then we will take a plane to Oslo,Norway.

We talked about the top and bottom of the Ocean and habitats like the Coral Reef.For example the Octopus lives in the Coral Reef.Next we saw fish out of our pretend submarine.We even saw Mickey mouse and my Toddler counted 5 fish.Hooray!The baby liked to look at it too.I think he could see his reflection in the glass.

We had fun with music and movement.We moved like octopuses and when an enemy came by we pretended to squirt ink and swim away.Here are a few of the songs and finger plays.
We read some books.Guess Who Ocean Friends by Readers Digest has cute peek-a-boo flaps.

We also read online,Ollie The Lucky Octopus who had 7 legs.This is a really cute story!Find out if he gets his last leg here
Next we made Ollie crafts.I got the idea fromhttp://www.preschool-plan-it.com
I didn't have any plates so I re-used cardboard that I cut into a semi-circle and construction paper,googly eyes and 8 streamers.The kids had fun counting his eight legs.

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