Tuesday, June 11, 2013

2 by 2 and ice play too!

Noah gathered the animals 2 by 2 a male and female. The kids understood that they needed both Mom and Dad to have babies.We pretended to be like Noah and count by 2's.My Kinder struggles there.For my 2 year old we practiced 1-10.

We started off this morning writing our favorite zoo animals.My toddler drew his favorite while my 6 and 8 year old scribbled away.For my Kindergartner I looked for spelling and letter formation. She picked a cheetah and got all the sounds especially the ch blend! She wrote cHeetu.Her c was backwards so we practiced c and her lower case h.

For my 2nd grader I had him practice telling the time.He wrote what time it was when he was done with writing.Then what it would be in 15 minutes,and then an hour.

Next I had him pick a 3 digit number.
1.write it out
2.draw it with cubes
3.add 3
 4.add 35
5.subtract 5
6.subtract 17
7.what are next 3 even numbers
 8.what are the next 3 odd numbers.
I got this idea here

This week we are working on picking up after we play.Our rule is one thing out at a time.We are also gathering all the Lego's,Barbie stuff and Squinkies I have found everywhere from people getting small stuff down and not monitoring the kids,when I was recovering from my C-section.I sigh...

Here is our bookworm.We add a section of him each time read a book.

Do you do quiet time? Every kid here does.The. can read,write,draw.Play with certain toys quietly.My oldest loves to draw but then there is paper EVERYWHERE!

Good mess?Yes? No?

It has been really hot here, so 24 hours before I wanted to do the activity for water week, I filled a container with water and little things and froze it.The kids had a blast! They smashed it and tasted the ice.We tried to get the baby to touch the ice but he wouldn't do it.He will stick with his nursery rhymes and books, thank you.I'm not sure where this idea originated so if you know let me give credit where it is due.

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