Sunday, June 23, 2013

7 tips on how to have the best day at the Zoo

1.Get up early! You want to see the Tiger and Monkeys in the morning  when they are the most active.Plus, the closer it gets to nap time for your little ones, the more tired they will be.Then come the melt downs.

2.Pack,snack, drinks and Sunscreen.Things like food and treats are expensive. You want to pack lunch and lots of food for your wild animals.They are not like giraffes.Giraffes can drink gallons at a time and wait several days before drinking again.

3.Plan out where you will go and where the animal feedings will be.
4.Get to the animal events at least a half an hour early to get good seats!Here we are at an awesome bird show.The bird's flew right over our heads.Check out these pictures!

5.While you are waiting in line go on bathroom breaks,eat and do a scavenger hunt and talk about what you have seen.
 6.If one person goes to the bathroom all should too.This doesn't always work but this time it did! I hate to have multiple stops to the potty!
7.Be prepared and be flexible.I had to stop a lot to feed the baby.You do not want to run out of diapers or not have a change of clothes.
8.Make sure kids are well rested the night before the big event.

At the zoo they had animals made from Lego's.The polar bear was made from 9,500 Lego's.Here the kids are in photo booths made from Lego's also.

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