Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Digging into reading and animals

We are continuing to explore different animals.We look for what their babies are called, what they eat and where they live.We also talk about how they defend themselves. I am thinking I am going to put a food chain activity soon.The kids have been fascinated with Cheetahs and their speed.There are a lot of youtube videos of Cheetahs and other animals.

We did a few more activities geared toward my Toddler.We tried to identify the animal sounds in thisyoutube video
We also found a cute youtube learn to count with number Zoo. My Toddler could count the animals as they appeared on the screen.

We went to our Library.This is a great place to go,especially during the Summer! They had live animals there today and I thought how perfect!Enjoy the pictures!
It was a long wait

We dug into some good books and then grub at home.The baby is 4 months now and just had his first taste of rice cereal.Me, I lost my appetite after the animal guy put a scorpion in his mouth!No joke!Ewwwwwwwwe

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