Friday, June 28, 2013

How to have a successful Readathon -7 ideas to get you started

1.You want to get the kids excited about it!If you are excited they will be excited !A theme can be used for this purpose.
2.Have lots of snacks to minimize interruption.
3.Take lots of breaks
4.Move around. For example you can go outside make a fort basically just want a few different places to read.
5.Set a goal of how many books you're going to read or how many minutes.
6.A good option is the library.They have all new books there, so they are less likely to get bored
7.Have fun you want this to be a positive experience!

Below the kids had finished Froggy builds a tree house. I love when they cab relate to the book or characters.They ate "pizza" which was watermelon.The last picture is their tree house.

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