Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Letter of the week U

We started our morning off with the pledge of allegiance. My 8 and 6 year old know it but not
my Tot.We talked about what it meant to be Under God.U for under.U for united. I opened an umbrella, which I know you are not supposed to do in the house,but I had the kids sit under it.We imagined it was God's love and it is always there!

U for umbrella
We practiced up,under,next to,behind and in front.The kids moved the flag to the  corresponding place.

We colored on paper under the table.

They ate snacks under the table too!

The baby got to be under the umbrella. We hung toys and a mirror for him to play with.At almost four months he loves to bat at things and kick.Mirrors are also something that fascinate babies.We are still doing tummy time songs and books.
Our Nursery Rhyme this week :
Rain Rain go away
Come again some other day
Little baby wants to play

We talked about underground animals like earthworm, badger, gophers and snakes. My Kinder asked what worms ate so we finished with that and lunch under the umbrella. Boy I am going to have a lot of bad luck!!!

We are doing letters U and V together.We have been fighting a bad cold so hopefully tomorrow will be the letter V with a video and some volcano fun! 3 more days and school is out! We will keep playing and learning with our Summer of Success.I should have the first weeks plan up Friday but it is a busy weekend so it might be Monday.

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