Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday night date night!

I recently watched 50 first dates with my Hubby.If you haven't seen it you should!Lucy(Drew Barrymore) lost her short term memory in an accident.Henry(Adam Sandler) is an island play boy .It is all about him trying to get Lucy to fall in love with him each day because she forgets about him when she wakes up.My favorite quote from the movie:
"There is nothing like the first kiss."

Since the move and renting our old house,then having the baby;my hubby and I have barely had time for each other. By the time we get kids to bed and clean up we are tired.Sound familiar to anyone else?
This last month we have been making time for each other.If you read last night's post I talked about things that were important to me.Number one was spending time with those I love.We  have been spending almost every night together.We have done foot massages,talking,and we are reading a book together!It is not something new everyday but we are trying to rekindle and get to know each other better!
We have went on several dates.One to the book store where we had challenges,like finding a new recipe to try!
My choice

His choice
Another date We did had a theme of sorts because we are reading together.This date was at home where we cooked dinner together and dessert.We bought a box of gf devils food cake.I added a little more vanilla and cocoa powder and it was the best gf cake I ever had.It goes along with the book we are reading Devils food cake by Josi S Kilpack.She always includes recipes in her mystery books.

What are your plans for your next date night?

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