Thursday, September 5, 2013

Take back your Turf Thursday-How to make your to do list dissapear.Ta da!

How many of us have a long to do list everyday? Isn't it discouraging when half of it stares you in the face like a dark cloud hanging over your head.I have caught myself on many occasions saying "I have so much to do!"I sounded like a broken record.Not to mention it is so discouraging not to get everything done.A while ago I posted about a system I use with note cards.I sorted all my jobs into yearly,monthly,weekly and daily.It seems with 4 small children I have a hard time doing the daily things.I still use this system.If I don't get to all my cards I move it to the next day and the next day until I get to it..There are only a few tasks that have to get done like laundry,dishes and things like paying bills or for a church activity or a party.You can't have a party if you didn't decorate or make/buy the cake.Appointments also take time and grocery shopping.They are also more time consuming.On days when I have appointments and shopping I do not set myself up for failure by having a huge to do list of things I have to do that day.

Now here comes the fun part! Set your timer for 15 minutes.Those who have been following me know I love timers! Why does this crazy lady like timers? I like them because it gives me a time frame in which to complete a task.What if I am not done when the timer goes off? Stop look at what you have done and decide if you want or can keep going.In a dramatic announcement of sorts the word ta da is often used.One day I worked really hard to clean the whole house while my husband was away.When he got home I couldn't wait to show him.He walked in and I said ta da.I. dawned on me then how happy I was because he was thrilled and I felt a sense of accomplishment and pride. I don't have to do lists anymore.I have ta da lists.Look at what I have done today!Then you should feel good about it and hopefully a little less stressed or overwhelmed.You are that much closer to your goals.

Apparently this ta da list is not a new thing.I want to give credit where credit is due.I found a site where you can you create a ta da list.They are retiring the original ta da list but have a good replacement!

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