Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Day 15-less television and more reading books.Who is up for an adventure?(31days of less and more)

Today's challenge:
Make a commitment to stop watching television for the rest of the month. Instead,  pick a book you’ve been meaning to read and make it your goal to finish it by the end of October. Any book will do but we strongly recommend starting with Neil Postman’s Amusing Ourselves to Death.

Honestly we watch way less t.v than we used to.We got rid of cable because it was expensive and the commercials were getting bad.We have Netflix which we love!!We still watch t.v but on movie nights,or really cold days we all snuggle together.It is not that we won't 'let our kids watch it is just they don't ask.If they do they usually earn the time with good deeds or family contributions.I think just be aware what they are watching and how much tine they ate spending on it.T.V. is really great on sick days!Although my Mom never let me watch t.v. when I was home sick!

I would love to see what is on my family channel.There are lots of stations to choose from!
Adventure-There is so much to explore in your backyard or read in a book.Being creative and exploring different animals is my oldest kid's favorite thing to do!
Comedy- Watching kids play is hilarious!They are so much fun.I remember still my daughter got a little car she could scoot on.She lifted up the trunk of it and shoved her baby doll in it and said "go to timeout!"Laughter is the best medicine!
Drama-You have 3 kids one is bound to start some drama.Especially my little girl!My favorites are.He/she won't stop looking at me!I ask them to pick up their toys."I can't!"my kids say,as they throw themselves on the floor.It is as if their life is at an end!My 3 year old says he can't do something because his legs are broken.
Sci-fi-plenty of experiments happen here at our house. Things get messy and "its not me is thrown around an awful lot.It must be a Ghost or allien that did it.

Signs you watch too much t.v.:
1.You plan your life around t.v schedules.    Now there is dvr with a pause button but I think that makes you want to record more shows.There are no pause buttons for family time.2.If you sit down you have to watch something anything!3.If you watch t.v and after a show is over you have to watch another one.4.If you tell your kids to be quiet and watch!

My husband and I are reading Devils food cake byJosi S Kilpack.

I am not against t.v. In fact around here we LOVE Castle and Psych!I am merely suggesting to be careful that it doesn't become just something to do.You want to mix it up keep life interesting!
If someone watched your families channel would they want to watch or change the channel?

I am grateful for:
1.going to bed early
2.girls night
3.dish washer

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