Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Day 16-less rushing around and more nesting(31 days challenge of less and more)

Today's challenge:
Get out your calendar and make a date in the next week to spend some quality time at home.  Have you been wanting to cook more?  Plan a day where you cook and get your kitchen organized.  Have you been wanting to redecorate–or simply declutter–a room in your house?  Decide what first steps you can take in making that project happen.  Missing your kids or feeling disconnected with your husband? Plan a movie or game night.

Today I spent a lot of time planning my meals for not just one week but for 3!I am hoping that will keep me from having to run to the store so much.I really haven't been planning that we'll.I kinda get in a rut with ideas for dinner.I have been wasting so much time going to the store for just a few items.I used to be much more organized running errands once a week.

I think errands aren't the only thing sucking up our time.Over scheduling ourselves and our kids.I saw a poor kid running to her teams soccer practice,that my kid was also in.She was running because she was coming from gymnastics.Two activities in the same night! She looked so tired.It is different for everyone but that is too much for us.

It is hard enough to find time with family,but ti add projects and decluttering into the mix is hard.I want to and I can usually find 15 minutes to do them.If I had to choose though,I would choose paper organizing and my kitchen.I want to paint and fix it up.

Sometimes though if I have too much time on my hands(very rare) I waste it by not planning.Planning and balancing are really the key elements here.If I want time with family or to do a project,I have to plan ahead and block that time out like it was an appointmen! This harmonybetween planning and balancing is what I am calling the Goldilock theory.Try something for a few weeks.But if its too hot.It leaves you rushed,stressed and tired.So you try something new.Either you move stuff around or you take something out.If it is too cold and makes you feel sad,and lonely;try again! The next time its just right.It may take more than 3 tries though.Value your time and use it the best way you can.Avoid telling yourself or feeling like there is so much to do.This is especially true when you have young kids.Before You know it you are "empty nesters".That is a situation I am not looking forward too.There is no hurry to push them out to fly solo.I try to enjoy every moment with them at home or in their interests outside the home.

I liked these suggestions for more family time!Quality time also matters.Don't forget your SPOUSE!Friday is date night.

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