Thursday, October 17, 2013

Day 17-less mindless spending and more passionate living(31 days challenge less and more)

Today's challenge:
Do you ever find yourself sliding into bad habits of overspending or overindulgence?  Think back to the last time it happened, and why.  What are some ways you can avoid this situation in the future?  If this is really a struggle, consider finding a friend or group to help hold you accountable.
Now, identify an activity or hobby you are passionate about, but that you may have given up because of time, circumstances, or money.   Is there a way to incorporate that passion back into your life somehow?

I wish I could say stress is a stranger to me.I worry and stress more than I should.There is also a urgent need ,or at least it feels like one,to get a project done without saving or much planning.It is a total "gotta have it"moment. The only other time we tend to overspend is eating out,or birthdays.

When I think of passion I think of intensity.There is a need or desire to do something. The last time I felt so strong about sonething was homeschooling my kids.I love scrap booking but it can cost a lot and finding time is difficult.There is only ONE way to do what you want,MAKE time and don't MAKE excuses.Get creative! Find blocks of time.Prepare meals ahead of time.Go to someone elses house or bring a friend or 2 in.These friends might be the motivation you need.

I am grateful for:
1.washing machine
3.cell phones

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