Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Day 2-less fear and more courage(31 days chalenge)

We only fail if we stop trying!

Mary N Cook in a broadcast tittled never-never-never-give-up said "Have you ever been afraid and discouraged as you’ve faced a challenge that seemed far beyond your ability? Have you ever wanted to give up?

Imagine how Joshua, the successor to the great prophet Moses, must have felt, knowing that he was to lead the children of Israel to the promised land. At times I’m sure he wanted to give up. But the Lord comforted him by reminding him three times to be strong and courageous (see Joshua 1:6–9). With faith that God would be with them, the children of Israel committed, “All that thou commandest … we will do” (Joshua 1:16)."

I was scared to leave and move to a different state,but I did it!I get scared when I try to make new friends and put my heart out there or that I might be alone.Whatever path we are on there are challenges along the way.Sometimes all we have to do is make it through that one day or just open our mouth and say hi.The first step is sometimes the hardest.

"Fear holds you back and keeps you stuck in a life of mediocrity. Dare to step out, risk and move forward.
"I so love this quote and article of 75 steps for a fear-less life.KEEP MOVING FORWARD!Is it really that simple and if we take a step backwards do we beat ourselves up over it?The answer is yes it is simple once you know how to see mistakes as just a sign that you may need to fix your happiness blueprint and plan a little.I hope by the end of 31 days I will naturally let go of negative thoughts and not hold on to things,like fear,resentment and hurt so easily.I want faith in EVERY footstep.

I mentioned in my last post about a 31 day less and more challenge.

Identify one small thing you have thought about doing but have been too scared to do.Tell your fear out loud that it can’t control you, that you are going to do this one thing even though you are scared.Then DO IT.

Talking to myself is somewhat normal for me because I just talk and talk to my babies.I talk in the car,home store,anywhere!A little crazy?Maybe?I have been saying positive affirmations all week but telling my fear to take a hike was a little struggle for me but I did feel better!All rambling asside my biggest fear is to put myself out there and meet other Moms.I have been burned too many times!It feels good to be honest with myself and al of you(my readers)

Next, think of how different your life might be if you were courageous for the people in your life.  If you were open, vulnerable, tender, kind, self-sacrificing, and compassionate. Think of who most needs your courage today and find a few small ways to show them.  Maybe you’ve been fighting with your husband, or yelling at your kids, or maybe you’ve been keeping your heart at a safe distance from everyone in your life.  Whoever’s name comes to mind,  write it down and list 3 ways you can be more courageous in your relationships this week.  Pray for that person everyday and put them right at the top of your ‘to do’ list.  See how your thoughts about them change after a week of loving them with courage.

I think a big one is not yelling at my kids.It is so hard because they push your buttons and they fight constantly.1.I can give them more hugs and individual attention.2.I can think before I speak3.Do a little service and  something for them each day.Ask myself what have I done for my kids today?

I am grateful for:
1.Good food
2.I love seeing my kids grow
3.Our transportation especially when in bad weather.
4.Beautiful changing leaves.GORGEOUS!

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