Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Day 22-less paperwork and more filing(31 days challenge of less and more)

Today's challenge:
Tame that paper mountain that is threatening to take over your desk or counter top right now.  Give yourself an hour to tackle your piles.  Ruthlessly toss anything that isn’t necessary.  Use your phone to take pictures of invitations or other important events, add them to your calendar, then toss the paper copy.  Start a file box, if you don’t have one already, for the paper items you do need to keep.  Establish an inbox and outbox to replace the piles you would normally make.

It has been a lot of fun and eye opening to work on improving myself and getting rid of mental clutter.Now we move onto our house clutter!Yikes!

I knew this day was coming,like the beginning of a cold.Paper is the worst for me! I feel like I can never catch up.I have tried many systems.FAIL.I have been particularly bothered by school papers,paper airplanes and drawings.I talked with the kids and we put up a rope with  cloths pins to hold their artwork.When it is full we take a picture of it and <gasp> throw it away.They have a small box each that they can keep but when it is full it also must disappear in the darkness of the trash can.

I also heard of this great idea where you cut out  your kid's art and modge podge it onto a canvas.I am so going to try this with the drawings that don't take up too much room on paper.I think in Kindergarten you get so many firsts!

There was another idea where this person took their kids art and transferred it onto a blanket.Genius!Found here

We also talked about taking pictures of important papers and putting them in a photo album for the kids to look at.

Another great idea I have used is to make inbox/outboxes out of cereal boxes.You cover them with fabric or wrapping paper.

I also file all my incoming bills in a to pay on 5th and 20th.I always pay on time and it has worked for me for many years!Yay!Something I can celebrate!

The hardest thing is seeing the papers and feeling overwhelmed.I could just throw away the whole stack and not know what I am missing.

I could use some ideas of when you have too many papers.What are your favorite systems that work?

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