Thursday, October 31, 2013

Day 31-less coming in more contentment My spooky look within.(31 days challenges less and more)

Today's challenge:
Evaluate the current state of where you are in your life right now.  Ask yourself the hard questions.  Is my life still too full of the things that don’t matter?  Am I still letting in too much heartache, too much stress, and too much stuff? Resolve right now to be intentional and purposeful with your heart and time and environment.Choose to let in only that which adds joy and peace and contentment.

First of all I want to thank living well spending less living well spending less for coming up with these challenges.These challenges have made me jump out of my comfort zone,cry,relax more,live intentionally and in the moment.The other outcome of these soul searching is wanting more! Each days challenge could easily be a monthly habit.Overall though they were great to focus on.
Did I find time to declutter?time with family?more time for myself?see my 4 important things

It has really been hard to blog about each one every day.If I do another challenge for a month I don't want the stress if the deadlines,which I put on myself! Now I know better.It was like putting myself under a microscope each day and seeing all the flaws.Interestingly enough I was not discouraged but quite the opposite!Life is a continuous progression. For me it is to be more like God each and everyday.As long as I am pressing forward my weaknesses eventually will be made strengths.I have read that in the scriptures but this Month I have LIVED and seen it in action!

This has all added so much to my happiness blueprint.Remember this blueprint is your own personal plan to build your happiness brick by brick if necessary.You can visit it often,change it any way you want.It all starts with a solid foundation of loving yourself as a daughter and s son of God.What do you want out of your life?What makes you happy?What is most important to you?

Don't forget to do your assignment from organized Christmas countdown
Day 5-create master gift list

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