Saturday, October 5, 2013

Day 5-less self centerdness,more service(31 day challenge)

Do something—anything—to serve someone else today

Here are six ways  to tell that you're selfish:

1.You like being in control and find it difficult to compromise.
2.Giving and sharing do not come easily to you.
3.Putting your partner's needs first — before your own — is very difficult.
4.You hear constructive criticism as personal attacks.
5.You become moody when others have the spotlight.
6.Forgiving others is difficult.

I have discovered recently that I do not forgive easily.It was quite a slap in the face!I have been trying to be more aware when I get upset if I really am being too sensitive and not looking at the whole picture.Sometimes I am so tired that anything seems like a personal attack.It didn't help that I grew up with some intense discord.The person meant well but took it too far.I vowed I would never let my husband treat me bad, but I think (know)that I hold onto things to show him where he was wrong.Whoa man this is really hard to admit.Even as I admit this it seems like I am talking about me in the past.I have really been asking myself since real honest questions.I think that it is human nature to be selfish so we should give ourselves a little break.

Last night as my sweet husband was making me some food because I had fed the baby and I was off course HUNGRY of course!I went out to my once clean kitchen and it was a mess.Normally that kind of thing would really upset me.But not this night.I thought poor thing he is so tired I will do the dishes and I was smiling!I was smiling while doing dishes.I am so grateful for all that my husband does for me! I need to serve him more.Yes we both work hard but then he works hard when he gets home too!

This change isn't going to happen overnight but me having complain for my husband and others should happen all day.To put some else first and compromise should start with your partner,family and friends.But what if I don't have anything to give?If you feel this way start small just think about what you partner needs when they get home from work.Service isn't always convenient.

It may worry you that if you do things for other people when will you have time for you?Make sure it is scheduled regularly.Block out 15-20 minutes when u can.You shouldn't always say yes to everyone because then you might be taken advantage of or feel that way.If this is how you feel look at the bigger picture.Putting others first isn't about turning your world upside down to cater to every need.Putting others first is recognizing and caring about some one's welfare.If you see someone is tired offer to help or let them lay down.Recognize your desire or want at that moment may need to be set aside.Be gracious,kind and compassionate.There is a quote from a movie robots where the robots need new parts,but are denied by the company suppliers.A young robot is an aspiring inventor and knows he can fix them and so he does without any thought to cost or what he needs.He says"See a need fill a need."That is service! That is putting others first!

"The ability to put others first  demands patience–a calm and controlled mind. This virtue only comes with a disciplined life based on a foundation of daily prayer where you gain strength to control your passions and get beyond your own likes and dislikes. Continually ask for God’s mercy and His help to overcome your self-willed nature. When you are patient and able to think of the needs of others, an unkind word will not agitate you and trigger anger. As you become more watchful and your life more ordered, then you can support others even when they are angry with you."

I am grateful
1.Those who have watched my kids
2.Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints General Conference this weekend.
3.My sister

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