Thursday, October 10, 2013

Take back your Turf Thursday-October must do's

October is my favorite month!I love the changing leaves the crisp air and al foods pumpkin.It is also a great time to get ready for winter.Here is a list so you don't Fall behind.:)      


  • clear rain gutters,prune trees and bushes,
  • winterize swamp cooler,sprinklers and lawn mower.How early you do the winterizing depends on where you live.
  • Fertilize your lawn for winter.
  • Check roof and windows for leaks
  • Prepare car for winter-check wipers,tires
  • Of course decorate with orange pumpkins and a wreath for the door!


  • go through clothes and see what you might need.All summer clothes should be on sale so you could stock up for next year.Just be sure to buy a bigger size for kids.
  • Review fire escape plan during fire prevention week
  • If you haven't started to plan for the holidays now is a great time.Print a calendar for October,November and December and plan away.Write down activities and parties you will attend.Don't forget to include birthdays.
  • Start Christmas shopping and hopefully you have some money tucked away!
  • Buy Christmas wrapping and cards
  • On a rainy or cold day make some gifts and get the kids involved.You could also make some cookies and deliver it to a neighbor. 
  • Also work on your Kitchen.Stock up on holiday items when on sale.Clean fridge in and under and same for your stove.Your Kitchen is going to need a deep cleaning!
  • Clean chimneys and fire place.
  • Clean walls and ceiling by swamp cooler.
  • Get furnace checked and serviced.
  • Sweep away the cob webs,unless they are a Halloween decoration. ;)

Excercise-yoga (especially plank pose)and squats are a great way to stay in shape!Find an excercise buddy or go to the mall and walk around.

  • moisturize,moisturize,moisturize!
  • Take care of cuticles.I use olive oil everytime I cook.
  • Put moisturizer where you wash your hands,in your purse,at work.

Here is a great resource I recommend looking at:personal-assistant-for-october

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