Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Day 13 and 14 and 15(40 days closer to Christ)How are things "written in our hearts"?

Day 13 and 14
Mosiah 10-20
Scripture to ponder:Mosiah 13:11
What do you think it means to have the Lord’s commandments “written in your hearts”?hearts (see Jeremiah 31:33).

How do we have open hearts?
Open our scriptures and our mind.Study scriptures,not just a casual read but thinking,pondering and taking time to read slowly.We can seek Gods will and learn from the scriptures and prayer.If something is written it is more permanent.It sinks deep into our hearts like ink from a pen.If we listen and want to obey it is like we pencil it in.It can still be erased from doubt or pride.If we obey 100% it is like we write in pen,so we would have to scribble it out.However it is still there!So next time the prophet, or the scriptures,tell you to take action;don't just pencil it in as a maybe. Engrave it and live it!
"The gospel won’t be just an influence in your life—it will be what you are."(general-conference April 2004.wWhen thou art converted?by D. Todd Christophersen)

Here is a question to ponder:What specific things can I do, starting today, to exercise more faith so that I can encourage and maintain a mighty change of heart in my life?

"To know His will you must be committed to do it. The words “Thy will be done,” written in the heart, are the window to revelation."(general-conference October 2002 Rise to your call by Henry B.Eyering

What I want to do starting today is to accept his will.As I grow closer to Christ I hope to accomplish this!

Day 15
Mosiah 20-25

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