Friday, November 22, 2013

File it Friday

File under: rough week.

A load of laundry got red crayon all over it which threw off my whole week.Last Friday I found an article that talked about 3 things to do at the end of the week!

What did I learn this week?I have to file away some sad thoughts.Letting go of a friend is hard.We were there for each other when life was tough.I also can't look at my house as a setback but move forward and put some goals aside until I catch up.
1.Thank the people that helped you get through your week .

3 things I accomplished this week

  • I caught up on some of my house today!My husband when he walked in was impressed. That always makes me happy.I made my bed.I spent more time with my kids at night and not just my baby.I also reconnected with an old friend. 

3 goals

  • Finish my books for my kids
  • Print Christmas cards and mail packaged
  • Finish kitchen counter and command center by the end of rather month. 

Grateful for:
1.My husband's job preschoolers new play group
3.House with heater,car with heater and heated

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