Friday, November 29, 2013

File it Friday

File this week under:Thankfulness and memories

As you know I like to end my week by looking back.I start out with thanking people for helping me through my week.I  have my awesome husband to thank for cleaning up the kitchen.I want to thank the doctors who helped my husband.He has bronchitis and my litte baby has croup.I am also grateful my Mother in law who cooked Thanksgiving dinner last night.

3 things I accomplished this week:I didn't get 
much housework done and honestly my house looks like a tornado came through.But I made great memories with my kids having our turkey adventure and making ornaments and a big mess:).I did manage to get dinner on the table and I was able to do a little service.Not to bad.We had a lot of adventure.

3 goals(Same as last week :( )
1.Finish my books for my kids.I can't seem to find the glue I need!
2.Print Christmas cards and mail packages
3.Finish kitchen counter and command center by the end of next month.

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