Thursday, November 7, 2013

Take back your turf Thursdays-November must do's

November is the time to get organized for the holidays.Create a plan if action.This includes filling in your calendars,writing gift lists,list of who you are sending cards and all activities.Make sure each week you schedule a day to relax.

Start having kids make gifts on those cooks wintry days.

Look at food sales and stock up on all food staples for the holidays.

Check your Christmas lights for damage.

All projects and deep cleaning should be finished or close to completion.This is for your sanity trust me!

Hey a family picture taken if you haven't yet.

There is only 7 more weeks to get your shopping done.Pick a day and time to go each week.

Make an advent calendar for kids.

Make cookies and pie ahead of time and freeze them for when you need them.

Winterize your car.Buy new tires if needed.

Take back your kitchen-This next week I should be done with all the papers and started on my cupboards in the kitchen.It has been a little slow this week with the colder weather.

Christmas countdowns I am :following
Day 10-5-10-15 to healthy holidays
Take 5 ... servings of fruits and vegetables. Add 10 ... minutes of quiet time to reduce stress. Combine with 15 ... minutes of gentle aerobic exercise.

Here is the flylady's Mission 12.Plan out menu and have some fun.

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