Friday, November 29, 2013

Turkey adventure-Day 7

Happy Thanksgiving! From our family to yours!

Olivia found the turkey.Case closed!We found our turkey trying to make a get away!It is missing it's feathers,so we need to give him some.I got this great idea here to have the kids make their own feathers!
Legos were used on her site.

Fun fact:Over 45 million turkeys are consumed on Thanksgiving!

We also got our craft on today.I made these cute pine cone Christmas trees.I put the soap shavings leftover from our arrowhead carving in this jar and glued it as snow on the pine cone and below the tree.I painstakingly made the star from pearls and beads.I have the glue gun blisters to prove it!

We are going to bring a bit of the beach to Christmas!We took plastic ornaments and filled it with colored sand and shells.

Tomorrow we start our Christmas countdown!Stay tuned!

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