Thursday, November 21, 2013

Turkey adventure-who will find the turkey and what will we learn along the way?

Uh oh a Turkey is missing! We are stuck in Nate the great Talks Turkey by Marjorie Sharmat and Mitchell Sharmat.There are turkey feathers everywhere!Join us on our Thanksgiving adventure as we try to discover the turkeys whereabouts and what Thansgiving is truly about.

 The turkey is trying to tell us something!Yellow,orange,yellow, orange...what comes next?These feathers are great for making patterns.
They also make great Indian headbands.The Indians helped the pilgrims learn to plant crops.

There is still a turkey on the loose!Everyone in town is looking for it.Sludge the dog is on the case.So is our dog!

While Claude and Sludge are out looking for the Turkey.Someone knocks at Nate the great's door.Is it Claude or Olivia?I wrote those to names on a feather.The kids had to guess.Each one took a turn.They flipped the feather over and there was a clue and another feather!Who do you think it is?

Fun fact:The Plymouth Pilgrims and their neighbors, the Wampanoag Native American tribe, shared a feast lasting three days in celebration of a successful harvest.

 I gave the kids magnifying glasses and a notepad !Where will my kids will take this adventure!Here is a picture of Olivia,one of the characters,that my daughter drew.

We will be reading a few more chapters tonight and see if the kids were right and learn another Thanksgiving fact.It is our countdown to Thanksgiving!See next post for another clue and more fun!

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