Friday, February 21, 2014

Letter G-G is for grass and green(infant and preschool lesson)

We have had some sunny days lately.:-) The snow has melted and you can actually see the grass!So we are getting closer to Spring so I thought we would do a little lesson on "What grows on trees?"
Scripture:Each of us feels small like a seed,whether it is our faith, or as individuals.If we nourish and allow gods light we will grow and spread our branches.We can become who we are meant to be.
Faith is like a little seed
1. My faith is like a tiny seed
(Hold thumb and index finger close together.)
2. That is hard for me to see.
(Make circles around eyes with thumbs and index fingers.)
3. But when I read the scriptures
(Open hands in front of self.)
4. Faith grows inside of me.
(Put both hands on chest.)
5. And when I say a prayer
(Fold arms.)
6. I feel it in my heart.
(Put hand on heart.)
7. My seed of faith becomes a tree
(Put hands together above head.)
8. When I do my part.
(Point thumb at self.)
Nursery Rhyme:The Green grass grows all around

There was a hole, (repeat)
In the middle of the ground, (repeat)
Prettiest little hole, (repeat)
That you ever did see, (repeat)

The holes in the ground and the green grass grew all around all around and the green grass grew all around

2. and in that hole...there was some dirt
3. and in that dirt...there were some roots
4. and on those roots...there was a tree
5. and on that tree...there was a limb
6. and on that limb...there was a branch
7. and on that branch...there was a nest
8. and in that nest...there was an egg
9. and in that egg...there was a bird
10. and on that bird...there was a wing
11. and on that wing...there was a feather
12. and on that feather...there was a bug

For baby:roll a ball on carpet,tile and grass.Let the baby explore and feel the different textures.Just make sure the baby doesn't make a snack of the grass!Blah!
A sensory bin of beans or seeds would also be a good activity.Again,just watch close!
My little one is really moving now!He crawls and pulls himself up to stand.
Picture collage

Cut pictures out of adds and glue onto tree,bush or ground.Talk about how they are homes to different animals and a place to find food.Great for practicing with scissors and fine motor.
Learn about where fruits and vegetables grow.They start out as a seed.Plan our Garden for Spring.

Green onion experiment: Take the end of a green onion and put it in water.Then watch over the next few days and weeks as it regrows!

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