Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Reaching in and Reaching out-Week 6(14 days and 14 ways to show love-Day 7-10

Day 7,8,9,10

I have gotten very behind on my posts.It has been very stressful.Someone has had a heart attack and now what to do next has been pulling at my heart strings.I am afraid I have not been as selfless as I wanted for my Spouse.I was suposed to make him breakfast in bed,but I was up all night battling my tears.What did he do?He made me breakfast.That is love!Love is being able to look past your wants and needs and serve your Spouse or kids.Did you know you can serve your family?It means dropping everything even being right,when you hear,I need YOU.

Yes you matter
Open arms and heart
Understanding and forgiveness

Our Valentines plans had to be posponed because of this family emergency.Still if a birthday,anniversary or other special occasions need to be cancelled or changed,you can still make sure your with the one you love.Times of difficulty can bring you together.Make sure that feelings aren't hurt or of a resentful nature.Just enjoy time together and make that the priority.Let go of the idea of having a perfect anniversary and just be grateful they are with you during this difficult time.

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