Thursday, February 13, 2014

Reaching in Reaching out-Week 7 (14 days and 14 ways to show love-Day 12

It has been a hard week!Ever since I got the news about the heart attack I have been preoccupied, stressed and self centered.We all worry about our loved ones.It is natural.It’s easy for me to feel out of control with worry and worst-case scenario thinking.In time of high stress and loss you need to take care of yourself.

See extreme self care for yourself for some great ideas to not let the worry or sadness get the best of you.

As I sit here reflecting I realize my husband has done whatever I needed.Granted,I have been at the hospital a lot!But what have I done for him?My kids?He has held me while I cried and taken the kids when I crashed with exhaustion!

I am hoping tomorrow finds me well rested and more aware of my husband and kids!I could go on a walk with just my husband or write a letter expressing my appreciation.It is easy to forget to ask "how are you?"or how do you feel about all of this?I can play with my kids and snuggle with them.

If you haven't asked yet,ask what makes your husband and kids feel loved and happy?

Prayer for today
That they would be free from stress.
This is really fitting considering all the stress we have been under!

I am trying to keep up on the basics but not a lot of time for my home.:(For today do something in your home that makes you feel less stressed when you walk in.You could pick up or straighten something.

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