Saturday, March 29, 2014

Im leaving on a jet plane-How I survived with a 1 and 3 year old!

Alright my readers.....Are you ready for my adventures this week? Those of you who are just starting out here need to know a few things.About a month ago my Mother had a heart attack and then had to have a triple bypass surgery.After I cried and stressed about dropping everything to see her pre-surgery,I jumped in our car with my whole family to see her!

About a month later she is revelling in her second chance at life.Recovery has had some complications but she is using her time to identify family pictures from her childhood and write her story/biography of her life,particularly her time living in a light house. you are caught up and must know what I did this week.Ready?.....

I flew on a plane just me and my 2 littlest men in my life.That is right?!Ahhhh!We had this trip planned to come see my family before all this happened with my Mom.So I loaded up suitcases and the stroller and 2 car seats and we boarded the plane.It is not easy to carry a baby,diaper bag,preschoolers back pack and his car seat!We got settled,wiped the seat,trays,seat belts down as to avoid any germs trying to hitch a ride with us back to my Mom.A flight attendant during the whole mask speech,you know,put your mask on before the kids?Well she informed me that we couldn't be in a car seat in front of the exit and we would have to switch.Now let me stop there and take back that deep breath I let out as I let my aching,tight limbs sink in my chair......

What happened next was my baby screaming in that same flight attendants arms as I made what laughingly she called an "easy switch".I envisioned the rolling of the eyes of my fellow passengers and the annoyed glances at me or my inconsolable child.All drama aside we made it!The baby slept most of the way and my preschooler became my little hero.He was so good and talked the whole 2 hours about the plane and what he saw out the window.Too cute and a proud Mommy moment.:)

When we got to my house the baby took off crawling,zooming and exploring.My sisters cats ran and hid for their lives!My preschooler enjoyed familiarity.

We have been enjoying our trip,just relaxing at my childhood home.My 1 year old has decided to be afraid the minute I leave the room.Screaming if someone picks him up.This makes ordinary tasks very difficult.The bladder is only so big!

We fell asleep well after Midnight in very comfortable sleep number beds.To be honest I could have slept anywhere!

The next day we relaxed.My baby,who never naps,took a 4 hour nap!My other little co-pilot snuck out of quiet time,while I slept.He played his heart out with his Grampy.

Another highlight of the trip was finding and making my first gluten free,egg free and milk free cake.We found a mix and chocolate chips that were also free of those allergens as well.We made a ganache to go on the cake.Well I was overzealous in pouring and it pooled over the sides!Not very pretty huh?

It was still really good and the first dessert I have had in weeks!The baby loved it too!He also ate dinner that night!Double score!

Here is a better picture of the cake!

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